Well, I tried the ride!

Hubby had to work over night, the night of our 7-8 in, snow storm. I know every time he is gone during bad weather, something happens. Well when I got up the next morning, the cows were out! Yes, that is a big deal. I hate trying to mess with cows. Give me the garden any time. Well, not only was the cows out , the snow plow (which I’m thankful for) plowed. He left a ridge 2 ft or better across the drive. There was no way he could get the car in. So I needed to do that too. So what’s a girl to do, play with the new toy.

It was fun after I learned how to do all the gears, lol

I had never driven it, I would ride with hubby and watch. He would ask and see if I wanted to drive, but it’s easier without him watching. So I did have to set in it for over 5min. just to see how to turn it on. Then another 5 or 10 to figure out which gearshift to use. I did it, got it moving in slow gear ,got a little better as I got use to it. Then I got to love it! Hubby might be in trouble.

This was my view, so pretty.

Heck, it has heat, air and a radio. Yelp, I might have to claim it as my toy. I did get the cows in.

The cows followed the tractor, so all went in but one. I locked him on the pond side and hubby took care of him when he got home and rested.

So I got back in the tractor, took a quick pic of our home and headed back.

Our farm, Jan 2019

I got the tractor put up, back into the house and ready to drink a hot cup of coffee. Then I heard it. A large knock at the door, my thinking ,now what. This is what I found.

Rinny, she had flopped next to the door. See that look, that’s a look of “Hey mom, I just got out of my pen!” I let her stay out. no other dogs were out and about, it was to cold. I wasn’t going to let her down. I mean look at those eyes, yelp I’m a sucker.

Garden Planning

The garden planning is coming along. My garden spot is 50X38, next to a plot where I am going to plant corn and squash. I will be trying very hard to fill up my pantry with home grown goods.  I have been wearing out my seed books. writing and circling the things I’m interested in. Are yours worn too?

       We planted 6 peach trees last year along with starting a bigger strawberry patch from our runners. I moved my young cherry trees over in the orchard, next to the peaches.We also have persimmon, pecan, walnut and hickory nut trees. Over next to the new orchard is a roll of blackberries and a roll of raspberries. My hubby and I have been building our homestead for a few years but just in the past 2 have we built up the orchard and berries. I retired last year and ready to have a blast in the garden and orchard. We won’t receive any blessings from the peach this year but my cherries are well established. I should have my work cut out for me. I have a pantry closet that is ready to be filled.
         How is your garden planning going?

Red nose warm up!

Well, cold day today I didn’t go out much. The wind was a little strong early afternoon, but it died down by 5pm. When hubby got home we went up on our hill and loaded some wood into the trailer. Yes! as you can see by the red of my nose, I got cold, but then again maybe I am getting ready for a new job. Santa might need a new reindeer this year, lol.

Don and Sherry getting warm in the tractor, lol

I have been planning my garden and working on which seeds I want to plant. I will want to start some in late Feb early March. Have you gotten your new seed catalogs? I have been wearing my pages out. I can’t wait to start!

Looks so bare

Our Farm

My hubby and I live on a farm that has belonged to each one of our families, at some point in time. It started with my grandmother, then his parents, now us. How cool is that!

We raise black angus cattle, for sell and for butchering. We sell come spring when we cull our herd. We raise our butchering steers for all the kids along with us. We just sent one off to butcher. On the farm all our children are welcome to everything we grow or raise.

The garden is growing larger this year. we planted more fruit trees last fall and added more blackberries along with red raspberries. We enlarged our strawberry patch and will do some more this spring.

Our goals this year is to get more self sufficient here on the farm. Want to be able to grow and harvest at least 75 percent of our food, along with helping our children’s budget along the way.

Thank you so much for your visit, and please follow us as we start our new web page for the farm.