Neg temps on the farm

Rinny will be moved into the heated garage for the next few days. She hates it!!! She will bark, cry, anything to get outside. She is a farm dog, she has warm places to go, hay in the barn. The chicken coop has a side just for her with deep layers of pine shavings, good and dry. In all this , yes she will sit outside my door…………

By the time I got back to this post to finish we are through the cold snap and into a rain gusher. We are getting around 4 in. of rain, hope all goes well. We do live next to a major river, we aren’t on the banks but get the floods. I’m very well prepared for being blocked in. Few years back we were in for 21 days. The reason I keep a well stocked pantry. The reason I raise a garden and can all I do. Two years ago, I lost a full freezer of food. It was in the high 90’s low 100’s and we were gone. By the time we returned we lost 1/2 a beef, frozen veggies and I said never again. The veggies will be canned best I can and the beef, some will be canned and some left frozen. You learn from your mistakes, we bought 2 new freezers, split the beef.

This was my last seed haul. I do love seeds and sometimes don’t know when to stop. LOL I’ll be starting these soon. I hope everyone made it through the cold spell. Have a wonderful day.

Published by

Sherry Hagemier Miller

My hubby and I live on a small farm. We raise Black Angus cattle and a few chickens. I enjoy gardening, canning, dehydrating, sewing and fishing in our pond.

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