Flood waters and row boating.

This is the way we looked yesterday,

Beside and behide the house.

Our road is blocked both directions , so this is our ride. Hubby and I go across before daylight . He rows across, I drop him off, then I row it back. In the evening I go back and pick him up.

Where we cross every morning.

On the other side of the house the road is closed also. After this closure there are 2 others past this, so not an outlet.

We will be doing this for the rest of the week. We crested during the night, at 16.4ft. We might be able to drive out Saturday but it depends, it rained north east of us, so we will see. That feeds our rivers here.

This is one of the reasons, we are doing more canning, dehydrating and putting up more food storage. I don’t get to the store like I did before I retired. So now that I’m home full time, I really want to try my hand replacing the store, with home grown.

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My hubby and I live on a small farm. We raise Black Angus cattle and a few chickens. I enjoy gardening, canning, dehydrating, sewing and fishing in our pond.

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