Red nose warm up!

Well, cold day today I didn’t go out much. The wind was a little strong early afternoon, but it died down by 5pm. When hubby got home we went up on our hill and loaded some wood into the trailer. Yes! as you can see by the red of my nose, I got cold, but then again maybe I am getting ready for a new job. Santa might need a new reindeer this year, lol.

Don and Sherry getting warm in the tractor, lol

I have been planning my garden and working on which seeds I want to plant. I will want to start some in late Feb early March. Have you gotten your new seed catalogs? I have been wearing my pages out. I can’t wait to start!

Looks so bare

Our Farm

My hubby and I live on a 89 acre farm that has belonged to each one of our families, at some point in time. It started with my grandmother, then his parents, now us. We took the farm over in 1989, when we came back home from a military life. We have always had this as our home of record, knowing that we would return. My hubby spent his youth here and when we married at the tender age of 16 and 17 we started our home on a piece of property here. Now in our 60’s we are starting a new beginning with retirement and budgeting. So garden and farm are even more important to us now.

Our home taken 2018

We raise black angus cattle, for selling in spring and for butchering. We raise our butchering steers for all the kids along with us. We just sent one off to butcher. On the farm all our children are welcome to everything we grow or raise.

We raise Black Angus cattle.

The garden is growing larger this year. we planted more fruit trees last fall and added more blackberries along with red raspberries. We enlarged our strawberry patch and will do some more this spring. Our goals this year, 2019 is to get more self sufficient here on the farm. We want to be able to grow and harvest at least 75 percent of our food, along with helping our children’s budget along the way.

Garden plot ready to go.

Thank you so much for your visit, and please follow us as we start our new journey in life, retirement on the farm. We might be in our 60’s but a new life always awaits us. Thank you Lord!