Our Farm

My hubby and I live on a farm that has belonged to each one of our families, at some point in time. It started with my grandmother, then his parents, now us. How cool is that!

We raise black angus cattle, for sell and for butchering. We sell come spring when we cull our herd. We raise our butchering steers for all the kids along with us. We just sent one off to butcher. On the farm all our children are welcome to everything we grow or raise.

The garden is growing larger this year. we planted more fruit trees last fall and added more blackberries along with red raspberries. We enlarged our strawberry patch and will do some more this spring.

Our goals this year is to get more self sufficient here on the farm. Want to be able to grow and harvest at least 75 percent of our food, along with helping our children’s budget along the way.

Thank you so much for your visit, and please follow us as we start our new web page for the farm.