Well, I tried the ride!

Hubby had to work over night, the night of our 7-8 in, snow storm. I know every time he is gone during bad weather, something happens. Well when I got up the next morning, the cows were out! Yes, that is a big deal. I hate trying to mess with cows. Give me the garden any time. Well, not only was the cows out , the snow plow (which I’m thankful for) plowed. He left a ridge 2 ft or better across the drive. There was no way he could get the car in. So I needed to do that too. So what’s a girl to do, play with the new toy.

It was fun after I learned how to do all the gears, lol

I had never driven it, I would ride with hubby and watch. He would ask and see if I wanted to drive, but it’s easier without him watching. So I did have to set in it for over 5min. just to see how to turn it on. Then another 5 or 10 to figure out which gearshift to use. I did it, got it moving in slow gear ,got a little better as I got use to it. Then I got to love it! Hubby might be in trouble.

This was my view, so pretty.

Heck, it has heat, air and a radio. Yelp, I might have to claim it as my toy. I did get the cows in.

The cows followed the tractor, so all went in but one. I locked him on the pond side and hubby took care of him when he got home and rested.

So I got back in the tractor, took a quick pic of our home and headed back.

Our farm, Jan 2019

I got the tractor put up, back into the house and ready to drink a hot cup of coffee. Then I heard it. A large knock at the door, my thinking ,now what. This is what I found.

Rinny, she had flopped next to the door. See that look, that’s a look of “Hey mom, I just got out of my pen!” I let her stay out. no other dogs were out and about, it was to cold. I wasn’t going to let her down. I mean look at those eyes, yelp I’m a sucker.